Texturemapping on directional

me again!
1.Are there texturemapping-nodes, like spherical, planar and so on for directional shaders yet?
2.Is there something like an Address-Node (Mirror, Wrap, …) for use with directional shaders?

for now there is no pin for sampler states on the shader. so for now you can not connect nodes like Address (EX9.SamplerState) or Filter (EX9.SamplerState) to a shader. You need to set these information in the shader code.

open the shader and look for something like this in the beginning of the code:

sampler Samp = sampler_state
Texture = (Tex);
MipFilter = LINEAR; // this will set the texture Filter
MinFilter = LINEAR;
MagFilter = LINEAR;
AddressU = Clamp; // this will set the texture Address mode
AddressV = Clamp;

by changing this code you can set the different Adress and Filter parameters. The modes should be the same as given in the lists of the nodes.

Yep, workin! Great, THX!