TextureFX - sample previous frame

hi all,

there is the “: PREVIOUS;” semantic, but it provides the last frame of the input texture. is it possible somehow to sample my last output frame without using a framedelay(textureDx11) and inputting it again?

Are you looking for the Feedback TextureFX node? Even if not, it maybe could help how this one is patched.

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thx, but they also use a framedelay to input the old texture again.
I was wondering if it is possible without doing that extra render pass

I don’t know how that would be possible without a FrameDelay or a Pad, because… Wouldn’t it be like looking into the future?

more like into the past ;) thought if it’s possible with the input texture maybe there is a way to do it with the output texture.

You have to do one copy, it doesn’t work without it. a pad will only delay the reference/pointer to the texture data, which is the same in every frame.