i have buil a grid with box and linear sperad on x and z axiz and on it, a have put the texture.

i wold like to konw that ther is the possibility to have no many texture like the numer of he box, but only one texure biggest like the total number of the box


I found something very interesting here


besides I think you’re searching for something like this patch.


1texturetowhateverisspreaded (5.8 kB)

this patch is very well…
but i am working in 3d with the box, and there a problem.

this is my patch, and i want the effetc of 1texturetowhateverisspreaded
on my structure…

have you a idea?

ologramma.v4p (9.3 kB)

I think this is what you mean?
You need to set backbuffers so you can see the front faces of your boxes, and your phase pin was .45 on your linear spreads which has got to make it tricky…

texture coords spreading (13.6 kB)

thanks so much,
is what i want…

Uh, too late… ;)
This is what what I’ve done, anyway!

one texture on spreaded box (16.9 kB)

very good…

i have make this, i must make it better, but this is the idea…

onda2.v4p (19.6 kB)