Texture with transparency in 3D mesh DX11

Hello everyone!
I was trying to apply a transparent texture to a box in DX11 but i am having some problems to achieve the correct rendering.

I have tried both with Blend and with DepthStencil. With the first one some objects are transparent while others are not, with DepthStencil all the boxes are transparent but some of them overlap with others, while they should be behind them.

I have attached a simple patch i was using for testing, hope you can help me!
Thank you

Texture transparency DX11 (5.1 kB)


Using blend (DX11.renderstate Advanced) rather than the regular one and setting the alpha to coverage pin to 1 seems to do the trick.

Hope it works for you

Thanks for the quick answer svdk! That indeed solved the problem.
Big up for you