Texture with parameter


I am making sort of texture matrix.

As you can see this image, (little edited from photoshop)
a patch get a number, and send matched texture.
Each number has one texture. 0-255.

My final goal is, I would make number spread converted from another texture by pipet something.(I finished)

but when the patch get a number, result is fine.
but the patch get a number spread, it`s not.

I have no idea how to make a patch.
I tried make a patch send a texture, but texture does not doing like that.

or, I thought using custom template, it looks make function what I want. but I cannot sure.

I just wanna know, is it possible on vvvv. and which way.

Thanks for reading.

hej nujab2s

check this contribution:

it is doing the very same thing, just that the 255 texture tiles are letters