Texture Transform with Large Numbers

when connecting a Filetexture (EX9.Texture) to a Quad (DX9) , setting the address mode to Wrap with Address (EX9.Samplerstate) , then connecting a Translate (Transform) to the texture transform pin and putting e.g. Translate X to values higher than 50k, the texture gets pixelated.

who is to blame - VVVV, DX9 or the graphics card?

ttransformtoinfinitespace.v4p (4.9 kB)

a 16-bit integer value goes up to 65k. considering the precision loss of the math functions, 50k is a reasonable bound when 16-bit numbers are used somewhere…

with the Device (Auto) node check the MaxTextureRepeat caps of your card (for me it is 2048 on an ati v5000mobile). maybe that value is related to the limitation you encounter.

i see; thanks a lot for the hints!