Texture transform instead of invert projection

how to obtain the result of inverting renderer projection inside a texture transform ?

texturetransform instead of invertprojection.v4p (14.0 kB)

could you rephrase this? i have no idea what you are trying to do…

trying to obtain in the right example the same result as the left one, only via texture transform and not via (renderer) projection transform.

i see exactly the same in both renderers… do i miss something? subpatch maybe?

the overlapping green smaller object should align its texture with the one in the background (as happens in left example, but wich uses invert node)

goal here is to have multiple objects like the green one but all with same texture & different texture transforms (instead of individual textures for each object)

some links where missing, do you use an older version or have modified pin names/modules?

that should work:

texturetransform instead of invertprojection.v4p (15.8 kB)

boa - that was it? thank you! beta31 here, not sure if i did modify anything… not really