Texture queue... how to?

Hi evvvveryone,
I want to create a texture feedback for a specific period of time, a sort of timed queue. A white object on a black beckground should draw its past movements for x seconds.

I think Queue (EX9.Texture) could be useful but I don’t know how.

Please, see the attached file.

Any suggestions for a dummy? :-)


Feedback.v4p (9.2 kB)


Hi DiMiX,
I’ve read these topics but I think they are not useful for me. They discuss about delayed texture, not about drawing feedback. Isn’t it?

in beta27 the “correct” way of making texture feedback is by using FrameDelay (Ex9.Texture)
see attached patch

Feedback_1.v4p (10.6 kB)

as i understood your patch you dont need any feedback,
just increase bin size of GetSlice to amount of the frames you need and you get your “timed queue”

Feedback_2.v4p (14.7 kB)

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Thanks guys, now I work on it…

@DiMiX: your patch is perfect for what I want to do! ;-)

Now I have a question: how can I delete the edges that Queue(EX9.Texture) draws around every frames? I want a “clean white queue”.

See attached patch.


Feedback_3.v4p (12.9 kB)

play with blend

Feedback_4.v4p (13.3 kB)

It’s too easy. ;-) Thanks…

I hate to be nitpicking but I feel obligated to comment that what you are referring to as feedback is not technically feedback.

you need a feedback loop for feedback to be feedback, what you are doing, I would call texture queuing and blending.

While it seems that it is what give the desired effect it is not feedback.


PS. sorry to be nitpicking

@sunep: thanks for your note, you’are right. I changed the topic title.