Texture queue for DX11

hey hey,

i started in DX9 but i need to patch the same thing in DX11.

It was based on a player node, using a queue node to get
a spread of the textures, slightly delayed.

i already saw a setslice(texture) threat, maybe its
totally easy using this. but if i set arround 25 frames per
second it already skips frames. it confuses me a bit to make it
working that way.

any help would be appreciated!


don’t think texture queue is good idea on dx9
dx11 set slice texture array much faster when you stay in your GPU mem limit
if you have troubles archiving it post your patch and describe exactly what you need

I have a video with some kind of moon period.

I use the queue logic to have different times, still looping in videos.

Works okay with DX9 (1200 frames queued!), now i would be happy to redo it using DX11.


please share your patch, it is not easy to see what is going on with a screenshot and with the patch, we can modify it and share it back to you

sure i can!

( i didnt knew that the sceenshot will be that small when uploaded )

thanks for the patience…

the goal overall is to have a time offset in each instance
of the same source video, to cover the whole length.

wich will be a dds sequence…

thanks a lot

PlayerQueueEX9.v4p (12.2 kB)

can’t do a quick little patch here, but if you look at the player module, you can see that it is based on Player (EX9.texture) if you base your playback on that, you can just have it play multiple DDS images at once, offset by a number of frames corresponding to the delays you want.

thanks so far,

i did exactly what you describe, i used a offset in the seek time, and seeked once. It was a much not performing good, it was getting really slow compared to
the queue approach.

i`ll stay tuned

how long is your video, just load all pictures with filetexture and getslice multiple slices


that worked, peformance is up, just takes a bit of time to load all the frames (1200)in the ram.

a w e s o m e !