Texture problems vertex buffer


I´m working in a composition with a xfile textured mesh, but when i decompose it with vertex buffer the texture (and the object) is not visible and i must to turn off it.

There is any way to fix it? i´ve tried with differents shaders, phong directional, gouraud, etc, but nothing.

Thanks a lot ;)

hallo???.. no text …

i don’t know too much about vertex buffers, but it may help if you post your patch so we can see what’s wrong ;-)

yes, please post a patch…

Hey!! thanks for asking.

This is a very simple composition with a textured model, made in modo 302.

danke ;)

I´ve fixed it!!!
this is the link


thanks for your help

I didn´t find any way to upload files, is a bug?
I´ve attached them in 2 last post …

There is any post about it?

Sorry and thanks for your time

I’m sure your mesh exceed the maximum vvvviki’s file size…

Anyways try a recompilation of your splitted vertexbuffer before goin’ into a shader and connect the texture coordinates pin of the joined vertex buffer___

I´ve tried it with a simple sphere and didn´t run.

Do you have a example of this recompilation of the vertex?


when decomposing the mesh, did you take care of passing the texturecoordinates?
by default the texcoord pin on the vertexbuffer (split) node is hidden.

Thanks a lot for the asking, i´m going to try it.

Other thing, anybody knows how can i upload my patch in the comments???


Finally i´ve decided upload it in megaupload, this is not a cool solution but…

thanks ;)


I´ve fixed it !!!
this is the link

thanks :)