Texture Prerendering and Alpha

i`m having a renderer with a few textures i blend the textures they have alpha lets say 10% so if i blend 10 textures together i get one solid texture. In the renderer I see that the texture is solid. If i use the rendered texture with dxtexture in a shader to mask the whole thing, it seems that the rendered texture is not treated as one texture it seems that the alphas of each texture are still in the texture. In the shader i simply say
colImage.a *= maskImage.a

Image1 is the Prerenderer. You can`t see any green rings within the map.
Image2 is in after the alphaMask you can see the green circles within the textures, where the textures blend together.

I just want to understand what is going on :-)?


here is a example. and a screenshot how my renderers look like. (19.2 MB)

not really clear what you want to achieve, but here are few options you have to count with

quadblender_2.v4p (29.9 kB)

Thanks for the help, i will make it with a extra mask, i was just wondering why the alpha is still in the image when i prerender the whole thing.

I was thinking if i prerender there is a whole new texture and the information about the alpha is lost. But it seems its not. Thanks