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hello, how can I preload textures? So far, I spread all the files of my directories and use filetexture/quad placed offscreen. Is this the normal way in DX11 to preload the textures of an application? What else should I consider? I somehow have the feeling that this is not the best way.

that’s how most people do it, i think. nothing wrong with that approach. you can also scale the quad to 0.

With the default dx11 pack you can do exactly this, maintain a spread with all your ressources and use the textures throughout the patch where needed … you have to use exactly this spread and getslice the textures as a second FileTexture with the same String input will result in a second texture being uploaded instead of referencing the same resource already uploaded to the GPU.

There’s been a preloader around however that you may be able to ask @u7angel about for licensing.

Hmm… I think Keep In Memory option of FileTexture will do the magic without offscreen quad, will not?

yeah, right. vux developed a fine preloader system for us. you load all textures in one place and use filetexture nodes which just reference the preloaded textures.

this allows us to switch language textures and contents with ease.

get in contact with vux

sounds good, how is the procedure with the plugin?

I find it increasingly difficult at one point to generate a spread with filetexture put in a variable and slice on it in another patch. It would be nice if I could load everything once and then operate with file names or parts of pathnames.

thats exactly how the preloader works. central loading of textures and local use of preloaded texture by using the same path, like you normally load textures

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I mentioned it also in a previous post DX11 pack version memory consumption problem where I experienced a huge memory leak with “Keep in memory” Enabled. For now I am using the “Load in the background” pin and I render everything on quads which they stay invisible (alpha=0 or out of screen) and not disabled.
One last thing, I also noticed that multiple “Blends” or unnecessary layer grouping produces a big load on overhead. So preferably if you are dealing with tons of big textures just put them somewhere out of your screen till the point in time that you will need them again.

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