Texture per Instance in Stride, continued

Hey there!

I am trying to use different textures per instance in Stride.

Searching the Forum pointed me to these:

which seem to tackle my question perfectly, but in all patches I’ve tried it seems only the first texture in the array is properly loaded in the scene (this shows the renderers of the last posted patch in both threads, and in both situations only slice 0 of the TextureArray is rendered properly):

All textures seem to load fine in the Spread use as input though:

so something funny must be happening in FromTextures or SampleTextureFromArray.

Did anything break in the Gamma releases since the posts, or am I missing something?
The insides are a bit too technical for me, trying to dissect if I randomly find anything suspicious, but if anyone could at least confirm the same problem it would be dope!

Tested with stable 2021.4.12 and 2022.5.0-0517 preview

Cheers for the help!

See Rendering a TextureArray with instancing is broken

I haven’t posted a fixed version yet though. Will do soonish.

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Thanks for pointing it out, glad it is a known one and in the works.
I can confirm connecting the accumulator in FromFiles (or FromTextures) does the job for now.

Thanks for the help!

A fixed version is now part of VL.Addons.


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