Texture not shown with Constant

I try to create see wave by grid-meshsplit-vertexjoin operation. but after i connect mesh to constant, i cannot see texture.grid resolution is 2x60. texture coordinate is correct because it works on drawfix. i cannot go around the problem by switching to drawfix because there is not color input for drawfix.

please help to take a look at attached patch

textureproblem.rar (8.5 kB)

Im not too sure but have the same right now. My 3d modell works with drawfixed but not with constant.
I have an idea that it could be about exporting x.files without textures. But not for sure. I’ll test it tomorrow.

hm, it works for me (once i point filetexture to the right file)…

for me also both work.
the only strange thing is the different AddressMode.

silly question:
both techniques of your Constant.fx are valid?

meshtexture.v4p (15.7 kB)

known problem: DrawFixed does wrong texture scaling