Texture mapping on generated/deformed grid mesh

Hi everyone,

I’ve been playing around with VVVV for some time and started to get into the 3D side of things. Currently I’m trying to get something like the look on exampleImage:

I used a sample patch with a generated mesh and a perlin noise for the height, but when I try to map a texture with points onto it I can see that the texture coords are setup for each triangle and not the whole mesh. I created a sample with a blinds texture so that you can see what I mean.

I guess the main problem lies in the TexCoords inside my waveMeshGenerator patch.

Could someone point me in the right direction what to do?

Thanks a lot guys.

Sample patch with the problem (13.7 kB)

you not gonna have this effect like this, easy way would be use deformed mesh as position for the particles and to do this also straight away on dx11

in dx9 u can render vertices as a position texture, and then emmit quads on that, but that’s quite an old hacky way of doin so…

PointMesh11.rar (17.9 kB)

Hi antokhio,

Thanks for your reply.
I got it working with your patch, and seem to understand most of what you’ve done. Such a pity that my guess wouldn’t have worked, since I come from the Maya/3D world, this would have been the easiest approach.

Anyhow, is this in general a right approach to such a result or more of a bad idea? (since all the geo is manipulated on the CPU side)

Thanks again.

technically u would like to move geom by shader formula or a texture in any case, since as soon as ur patch get complex u will note like 5-6 frame difference in FPS in such cases(depending on amount of vertices). I use mesh generation on CPU as intitial position in most cases, but it’s easier for me since i work mostly with shader code…
There are much more advanced ways of manipulation geom throu shaders called compute, u can check the instance noodle contribution, but dx11 girlpower prolly the best way to start diggin on dx11.
Anyways feel free to add me on skype “antokhio” i’m quite in the need of help from some maya artist, and would share some vvvv knowledge with u ;]

As info for other people to find if they have a similar question/problem:

antohkio’s version is a good solution and helped me a lot. In my case I went with the hackier dx9 approach (has to work in a dx9 setup package, haven’t got the time to rework all other patches) of extracting the vertices position and passing them onto quads with a small dot texture sprite.
I get reasonable speeds on an i7 4790k with resolutions up to 500x500 vertices.

From my point of view. Case closed. Thanks for the help.