Texture mapping box

hello, is it possible to map two different textures on a box for example one texture on the frontside, one on the backside? is the same possible with a quad? so far i always used two quads very close to each other to get a result. thanks and regards, a

hei armin,


contains 2 and 6 subset cubes allowing you to put 2 and 6 resp. textures on them. this is one way of doing it.

otherwise you could have a cube with uv-coordinates prepared in a 3d modelling applicatoin in a way that you can have one image containing different regions for the cubes sides.

let me know if this is not clear.

@armin regarding the quads in case you are running dx11. you can spread the rasterizer culling mode and set it to front and back. Thats kind of two quads with two textures very close together like your approach…

thanks guys, i will try these and come back with for report. cheers a

hi joreg, when i put two textures on the cube how can i decide on which side my textures appeare. with the texture transform it does not seem to be possible to “shift” a texture onto another side of the cube. perhaps i have to look into older posts i am sure this is an old question… @tgd i am not running dx11, it is a very old computer :(

have a look at this example:

girlpower\Graphics\DX9\Geometry\Dynamic Meshes\07_Mesh_and_Subsets.v4p

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