Texture Filters for Dome projections

Hi, first of all happy new year to everybody.
It seems 2017 will keep us inside of Dome and I would like to develop few toys to enhance the immersive experience with some post fx, shadows, lights, fog, etc. My shader writing skills are zero, but I’m ready to learn or collaborate with somebody who would be interested in such a tusk. Of course I will be using vvvv_Dome by Velcrome.
Thanks for any push forward
see you at Node!

I’ve worked on this as part of M-Box team:

Mainly writhing shaders and optimizing patches to be boygroupable - they had 36 projectors! Keep us posted on what you are up to!


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Hey Andrej, good job!
Of course man, hopefully there will be some news soon.
Maybe @unc or @microdee or @everyoneishappy could shed some light on the subject

@id144 would you give it a shot? I need some help with shadows for my project.

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