Texture data flow

Hi all,
by switching/initializing/resetting of different downstream-placed textureFX modules sometimes my texture data flow breaks down or got reset quite far away upstream.
Does this TTY message has to do with that? If yes, how can I help while vvvv “tries again”?

ERR (MemorytoTextureRenderer A0+) (FillTextureUsingLockRectangle ERROR) t2 == null or disposed on device 61201792 Does this mean we need to create a texture ourselves for device 61201792 ?
ERR (MemoryroTextureRenderer A0+) (updateTexture_ThreadProc) updateTexture FAILED, should we try again ?

Is there safe way to buffer the texture data, preventing output?

you failed to mention: is this dx9 or dx11?

beta 31.2

the error-message you show comes from here:

so this it is caused by filestream VLC which was contributed by @ft. i’d say the first thing you’d have to do is provide a simple patch that shows this behavior in order for ft to be able to debug this.

OK thanks. I try

happens with video input, not with picture.
I dont know if this ERR is just vvvv routine notice (which can be ignore), or it could
produce downstream some further problems.

UpdateTextureFAILED.zip (70.6 kB)

another version: spreading of input
ERR message Update texture FAILED doesn’t happen if (at least) one of spread constantly has output to the renderer.
next question: what is forcing vvvv permanent setting new loopTimer interval?
sometimes i noticed it affects render output = flickering

update: using Mix(EX9.Texture Mixer) instead of input switch solves the problem with update texture, but initial permanent setting new loopTimer interval persists until I switch input for VLC

UpdateTextureFAILED-2.zip (206.2 kB)