Texture buffer graphic card

is there a way to calculate how many image texture files
can be buffer on a graphic card

run GPU-Z, keep eye on Memory Usage (Dedictaed) and start loading textures up.

Roughly - texture width x height x bits / 8388608 (bits in a MB)

So roughly for a 1024x1024x 32bit(A8R8G8B8) = 4Mb.

I say roughly because sometimes GPUs do odd things and see to use more memory than calcs would expect.

oh of course you need to know how much GPU memory your card has. GPU-Z often tells you this although can’t detect it on mine. Also, your card settings page will often tell you or you might just know from when you brought it.

There is also Memory (debug ex9) but on my system it seems to think I have 1.5GB less graphics memory than I really do.

which pin of Memory (debug ex9) is the graphic card

i’am wondering, i’ve a gtx 285 with 1024 Mb

but i cant find an similar value in memory

is only the buffer size of the graphic card essential for buffering file textures in background

see memory (debug ex9)

there are two memory debug nodes. be sure to pick the ex9 version

the ex9 version say

2414 MB Available Texture Memory on automatic Devices
( i’ve a gtx 285 with 1024 Mb ) strange

after loading a dds image sequence, around 800 MB the fps goes hardly down

are other memory devices engage in the buffer process?

i’d also suggest that manual computation is your best bet. the Memory (Debug ex9) does not return actual free resources but also includes virtual memory that is available to the gpu.
edit: dx9 itself does not offer a way to query for actual free memory.

ok, i’m just wondering that after loading 800 MB, fps goes down (60 to 30 down) by a 1024 MB graphic card.
the patch does nothing else, only loading the image seqeunce to a quad.

do you know the Player (Ex9.Texture) it does not need to load all into ram. if you play a sequence as a movie its the best choice. but if you need random access to the images, you have to load all at once.

other software (like the windows aero desktop) can also use some memory so it makes sense that at some point <1024 your card would have to start swapping memory and slows down.