Texture a box - texture in a spread

hi there,
how can i texture a box so that every side has a different texture?
how do i need to prepare my texture? does it have to be in a special format?

i made a spread of many boxes and i would like to assign different textures to the boxes in the spread?

how could i achieve that…

please help…
dankeschoen mizi

hi mizi

you may have a look at kalle-Modules-DX9
Cube (DX9 Quads).v4p should be your choice but unlikely you have to add layer outputs and so on.

Once upon a time when vvvv had such things like render passes i built those modules.

simply feed with a spread with 6 textures.


thanks kalle…
but i was wondering if there is also a way when i use the node box with gourard point?
gracias mizi