TextFormat / TextLayout font substitution

TextFormat/TextLayout text’s font looks different in vvvv, probably it’s substituting on it’s own by something else.

the font (120.0 kB)

Here on my Windows 7 machine the font just looks fine. In my vvvv same as in your photoshop. Can not really make out what node you use to show the text, I used the Text (EX9) helppatch, beta 32.1 32bit.

Westbam, sorry, I need dx11 bold text (forgot to mention in thread’s title), and as Vux recomended here I’ve updated pack to latest version and used these nodes…

So converting font from ttf to otf wasn’t changing anything, but converting for web ( here ) is a solution.

idwyr, how did you load the web fonts? Which format and node did you use? Please explain. Thanks!

I found a workaround while doing some trial and error. Seems that the error only occurs with fonts that have a weight other than regular.

In my case the Helvetica Light did render as some totally other font. I edited the font using a font editor and removed all indications of “light”:
First I changed the “weight” attribute to “regular”. That was not enough. I also had to remove the word “light” from the “style” and “styling group” attribute.

The Software I used was Transtype but others will certainly do as well.

Just an info in case anyone still has the problem:
Vux released an update in the latest DX11-pack. Font Enumeration works now. Had the problem because I downloaded the previous DX11-Pack for 33.7