Text svg, export issues

Hi Devvvs,

can svg writer deal with all font types?
it seems that the svg nodes only export some true type fonts.
how to deal with it?


Typo Spread and Polyline (svg) as a workaround for the moment,


my guess is, this is not directly an svg issue but a .net one.
system.drawing.font cannot handle anything else than ttf fonts, thats also why Text Texture cant do. and as far as i can see in the svg code, its also relying on that.

Thanks Woei,
more or less that i was thinking.

bumping this thread…

i have another text-issue when writing the svg to file and watching it again in a tool like illustrator.

it looks like text (svg) can display multiline-text as it should, but fails when writing the MyFile.svg with writer.

for comparison, two svg-contents. firts one is madew with illustrator, second one ids generated by vvvv:

<text transform="matrix(1 0 0 1 151.0439 99.7441)"><tspan x="0" y="0" fill="#010101" font-family="'MyriadPro-Regular'" font-size="12">hallo </tspan><tspan x="0" y="14.4" fill="#010101" font-family="'MyriadPro-Regular'" font-size="12">umbruch</tspan></text>

<text text-anchor="start" x="none" y="none" letter-spacing="none" word-spacing="none" font-family="Arial" font-size="2" font-weight="normal" fill="#000000" stroke-width="0.01" stroke-opacity="0" transform="translate(-0.243913, 0.92) rotate(0, 0, 0) scale(0.005, 0.005)">hallo

so, it looks, that linebreaks are just recorded as linebreaks, instead of the (correct?) surroundings.

any chance that one gets implemented one day?

Hey Tebjan, any update?
other funny behaviour exporting text, when i open the file in illustrator the text layer is duplicated.

have it on my list, but there are more pressing and higher level issues right now. can’t promise anything before april/may… but keep on bumping. :)

Happy to know that you are on it,
Thanks Tonfilm

like… no text …

SVG 1.0 seems to be a problem. They get read back as SVG 1.1 by the SVG parser.

On a side note it would be great to have a help file for AsSVG(String)that explains what can (and maybe what can’t) go into it, because even linking an SVG string from an external document that rendered failed for me.

is this still an issue? i though the SVG library update has solved this long ago… can you describe the error in more detail?