Text mosaic

hi guys
how can i do such effect?http://www.learningprocessing.com/exercise-files/chapter17/exercise_17_7.jpg
the size of each letter must be determined by pixel brightness

upd: i wonder if this may be done by shaders but i cannot imagine the texture. it must be something like atlas of letters i think…

Have a look at Pipet help patch.

hey thanks for reply Urbankind!

i know how to take pixel color but i don’t understand how to make letter scale feature. i need repeatable string of text (“hello world” at example picture) wich letters scales are depended by other parameter such as brightness of pixel.


Look at this contribution

From there you have only one step ahead, to control the size… Use HSL node to get Color from Pipet and then use Lightness value to control scale of text.


check also ascii effect node!