Text Input Boxes

I feel like this is something that definitely exists, and I just cant find it anywhere in the documentation. Is there a real time text input window?

Not the typewriter object, or the normal String node. (the typewriter requires a physical keyboard object, the string node needs to be selected, changed, then hit enter). I’m looking for a text box that you could type into, paste text, send text via a macro, and it will pass along a string with its current contents. All without needing to re-select, commit changes, etc.

Is there anything like this in vvvv. I feel like there must be, and I’m just not finding it.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

This doesn’t really match:
“Not the typewriter object… requires a physical keyboard object” & “a text box that you could type into”

Look at here for an onscreen keyboard: display-keyboard

Where do you want to get your text to come from?

You can use the Clipboard (windows string get) to read what ever text you copied in the clipboard, you can also read it from a textfile, a database, a website etc…

But if you are making your own GUI in a renderer you can do what ever you want (just not sure what that is)