Text in flash?

Hey guys,

I’m trying to do a bit more integration of vvvv and flash, and running into issues trying to understand how to pass variables to the flash. I took a look at the “Flashy Business” thread, and it’s of some limited help, but what I’m really trying to do right now is to pass a text string to flash and have it render as dynamic text. Any suggestions/examples for doing so? Do I need to use the name of the movieclip as the variable, or the var name associated with the dynamic text? I feel like I’m missing something really obvious here…

I knew as soon as I posted I’d figure it out.

For anyone else who’s trying to do this: what I was missing was the fact that you have to use a full heirarchy path as the “variable name”. So, for example, it wasn’t working when I tried to change “valtxt”, but when I tried to change “_root.valtxt_mc.valtxt” it works.

As I think on it, I realize that this is probably dependant on the structure of the swf, but I think generally if you just go around naming things willy-nilly like me, it’s probably a good tip ;>.