Text Geometry DX11

Hi all, is there any chance to get text geometry DX11 ? I’ve been trying to use DX9 and recompose mesh in DX11, but not really with success, if anybody has idea or project about it, please let me know, thank you and have a nice day :)

ehm nobody ever was in needing to use text as geometry in dx11 ? Feel kinda weird about my design approach actually :)

something like this could be a good starting point

text_geometry.v4p (10.6 kB)

i’ve done the same with no success (dx9ex should be turned off it will work afterward but that will be the default from next betas). i’ve found this: https://nuclexframework.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Vector%20Fonts&referringTitle=Home however this looks like it doesn’t work without XNA

screamer solution seems kinda work to me,@ microdee didn’t get about switching off dx9.