Text (EX9) not transparent

Hi all

At first I was happy to see that Text (EX9) had gotten the renderstate input I have been dreaming about for some time. but now it seems that it does not work, the Blend (EX9.Renderstate) does not change how the text blend with other objects.

further more there is some black around each letter, it is not the brush and it is always black.

I am running Beta23 on win7 64bit, I have SlimDX feb. 2010. In beta22 the black box around each letter is transparent, but there is some black in a blocky sort of way.

can someone confirm these findings?


edit: I attached a patch that highlight these issues

text-blend.v4p (7.1 kB)

Blend (EX9.Renderstate) does change the blending but I do get the box around the letters. Fill (EX9.Renderstate) doesn’t seem to do anything though… is it not rendered as geometry? I thought you had to with DX.

sunep: any particular reason you can’t use Text (EX9.Geometry) instead? it’s very flexible in rendering.

Hey Beyon

The Text (EX9) is very effective the moment you have more text than just a few words. it uses texture mapped letters (is that the right word for it?) where each letter is a little part of a larger texture with all the letters on. this way each string is one quad, only with a texture on (this is the quick and from the top of my head explanation, it might not be completely precise)

Text (EX9.Geometry) is geometry and is fine if you need 3D text but eats up too many resources when all you need is 2D text.

If you used Fill (EX9.Renderstate) you should ideally see the the text behave like a quad.

the problem in your patch is that you got the drawing order wrong. see attached. the adding up layer has to be drawn last.

every character of the text is drawn on a sprite (which indeed is kind of a quad) with a texture of the character on it. so in wireframemode you’d max see two polygons. not sure why that doesn’t work, but it may as well just be a limitation of sprites?!

text-add.v4p (7.2 kB)