Text (EX9.Geometry) not working in alpha 28 EX9

Just noticed that Text (EX9.Geometry) seems to be broken in the latest EX9 alpha 28 build. Picture should speak for itself. Nevertheless still attached a patch…

edit: no way to move this post to alpha forum??

alpha 28 ex9 text bug (6.6 kB)

hm, according to:
seems this is a known issue which would need some workaround coding… could as well be done in a plugin, so…

alternatively there is a /nodx9ex commandline option…

and note: alpha-bugs are supposed to go to the alpha-forum.

oh, i see. was not aware of that. thanks for pointing out!

i know. was a bit late and after i realized i found no way to change it. so mea culpa ;)