Text EX9 and slimDx incompatibility 23->24.1 troubles

once again it seems that slim dx is necessary to work with text ex9 node , despite the .Net 3.5, and that the Net 3.5 makes troubles for previous patches using this node and slimdx march2009 release.
nothing showing up.

its not the first time that it seems there is something dark and unpredictable with ex9 text and from where it is used ( slim DX, or .NET framework ???).
i hope really one day this feature to be fixed. because i m spending too much time with GUIs…
so this was a great error to try new version, during a project work. despite all good great new things, 24.1 is running my XP LOW ( yes ! ).

the computer never goes on internet, so maybe troubles i m encoountering should sound strange to devvvs, but i really appreciate if a devvv could have a serious eye inside of this topic: i m part of people who easely imagine to be themselves out of any internet access, and want to have on a separate hard drive everything to make things work and operate far away from any internet access.

to make previous patch working the text ex9 node in 24.1, i had to install the slimdx june 2010 pack

backward process is not possible:
when you launch a 23, text ex9 is no more working
i m saying this because 24.1 is too much heavy for an actual project. it sounds like i was using a seven despite an xp.

getting out slim dx june 2010 doesn t get back text function
reinstalling slim dx march 2009 neither
sounds like a buggy thing with net 3.5 sp1

this installer touches all .net present on the machine: 2.0 and 1.0.

if anybody has any idea how to come back cleanely and simply my system to make a 423 it would be great, because actually its quite a nightmare.

hum… didn t arrived to backward back to 23 on this machine…
arrived to make 24.1 works ok back, but ex9 text node is not working in 24.1 environnement… :-(

alo karistouf,

sad to hear you’re having such basic troubles again. i’ll try to sum up the situation with slimdx, directx, .net and the respective vvvversions again:


  • .net3.5
  • directX june 2010
  • note that slimdx is not extra needed anymore since vvvv now ships with the slimdx (june 2010) .dll in the \bin\managed directory


  • .net2.0 (already included with Windows Vista and 7)
  • directX february 2010
  • slimdx february 2010
  • addonpack beta23_02


  • .net2.0 (already included with Windows Vista and 7)
  • directX august 2009
  • slimdx february 2009
  • addonpack beta22_02

to my knowing different versions of .net, slimdx, directx, vvvv can peacefully coexist on the same pc.

hope that helps.

hi joreg, thanks for this summary.
and sorry to make you sad (:-( ) always painfull for a devvv to see user in difficulty .

is it possible you may have attention in next release to the following point:
on install dot net 3.5 ( and others) are requiring additionnal downloads.
if there is no connection, i m not sure the package is complete. and perhaps this may be the problem i have actually.
this could be really great just to check from a virgin xp, without connection to the world.

what is sure is that making 3.5 installation AND slimdx 2010 makes work TEXT EX9 node on my XP installation.
BUT 4.23 cant still print them on screen.

To make you a summary of the installation process on XP:
-4.23 will have text working with
DirectX9.0c 2009
Framework 2.0
SlimDx march 2009

-4.24.1 will have text working with
DirectX9.0c 2010
Framework 3.5 SP1 ( wich alters 2.0 and 1.0)
SlimDx 2010

I m obliged actually to stay on 24.1, as everything seems to work, despite the loose of performances ( a 3.5 net question ?):

this loose of performances makes me see that patches where rendering window ( wouaoauow) what i never noticed before, and rise once again my admiration for your work.

I have installed a new graphical card ( ATI 5770) coexisting with a 4850, as i m in 2 monitors + 1 projection needs.
Drivers where cleanely instaleld. Maybe there is something i m missing with the hardware, but i m quite sure that s not the case.


i am not sure what you are trying to say with this. typically i’d recommend updating .net via windows upate service. i’m quite certain it takes care of broken downloads. of course downloads need to be complete to be installed correctly. this is not a special vvvv or .net3.5 problem.

it’s quite confusing to me when you refer to 423 or 4.23 when you actually seem to mean beta23, right? vvvv has a very simple version numbering scheme counting up from 1 since 2002, lets not make it more complicated.

also it doesn’t make sense to speak of slimdx 2010 or directx 9c 2010. to be precise you’ll always have to mention the month of the release. microsoft is demonstrating a hell of a version numbering scheme here, (counting up to 9c and then continuing with month and years…) and slimdx is only taking that over exactly not to cause more confusion (which is a good idea i think). so in connection with slimdx/directx always name the month and year, else it makes no sense.

again you write that for beta24.1 you had to install some extra slimdx which should not be true actually (see above). anybody else who had to install an extra slimdx for beta24.1 to show text?

hi joreg. yes i m talking about 4.23 and 4.24.1 sorry for inconvenience.

i edit about 4.23: works with slim dx and Direct x 9 march 2009.

again you write that for beta24.1 you had to install some extra slimdx which should not be true actually (see above)

i confirm strictly. without slimdx june 2010 it doesn t work on XP SP3 32 bits with a machine not connected to internet.

pls, dear devvvs, keep in mind:

Some of us users don’t have a steady internetconnection…
not everywhere is continuous DSL available.

i currently struggle with UMTS and a limited Datavolume.

think to our friends of africa and middle east countries, where some of us are sending patches ;-)

hmkay, am i missing the point here? what does “text EX9 and slimDx incompatibility 23->24.1 troubles” have to do with a bad interwebconnection?

i just switched to beta24.1 and actually had to install slimdx june 2010 release to get text(ex9) to work.

hum… joreg, sincerely i think this question will find answer if you make a test on a virgin machine.

concerning this topic, beta 4.23 is not working for TextEx9 if we install SlimDx june 2010 and Framework 3.5. so 4.23 cant be sided to 4.24.1

for beta24.1 i also had to install slimdx june 2010 release to get text(ex9) to work.
but i am able to run both beta24.1 and also beta23
The nice thing: beta23 still renders text!

I had an strange behaviour in the morning on a xp maschine.
The Text doesn’t show up until i installed the the newest SlimDX version.
Than i shows up. But the text still is displayed after i uninstalled the slimDX???

maybe you only have to “initialize” this with the installation progress…

@m4d, phlegma & Kalle: thanks to have given your experience, i was feeling alone, like a poor lonesome zero ;-)

good luck joreg, surely this is a directx vicious trick…

i’ll repeat what joreg already told you:

beta24.1 depends on:

BUT slimdx june 2010 depends on

i provided links to the redistributable packages so use them for an offline installation of beta24.1 and if this doesn’t work then i’ll admit that we missed something.

now to the issue running beta23 and beta24.1:
beta23 depends on:

  • .net 2.0 (should be installed on win >= xp sp 3)
  • slimdx february 2010, NOT shipped with vvvv, therefore slimdx needs to be installed.

slimdx february 2010 depends on:

  • directx february 2010 (should be included in directx june 2010 package)

to my knowledge the slimdx installer checks for an up-to-date directx installation, and installs it if missing (not sure if it does it online or offline). so installing it might have solved the necessary directx june 2010 dependency to run beta24.1.

what do you mean by “makes me see that patches where rendering window”? do you mean the actual drawing of a a patch window?
we know that nodes or better plugins providing nodes written with the new v2 plugin interface take a while longer to get created, because there’s quite a lot magic going on solving all that new ISpread stuff. but once created the performance should basically be the same as in beta23 when not even better, because the new interface copies values to the pins in one pass.

that would actually explain the behaviour i experienced.

@karistouf: awww, don’t feel bad. you know we <3 you ;)

hallo ellias !

and if this doesn’t work then i’ll admit that we missed something.

please, just install the stuff on a not connected to internet and virgin form any dirext and .Net stuf computer.
my case is on XP 32bit SP3 and happends on two machines. I cant say anything about seven.

what do you mean by “makes me see that patches where rendering window”? do you mean the actual drawing of a a patch window?

Yes !
i had some troubles yesterday with a patch and i never encountered the following with previous versions: vvvv freeze and patch is a black empty renderer.
thats how i understood you were also drawing window. and i was truely talking about this admiration for vvvv’s work

awww, don’t feel bad. you know we <3 you ;)
thanks m4d, i was really feeling alone on this topic. ;-)

i’ll do that right now with a win xp sp3 integrated october 2010.

doesn’t sound like a performance issue to me. please file a bug report with a detailed explanation to reproduce this if you want to get it fixed by us.

hi ellias.

doesn’t sound like a performance issue to me

ok i will put this computer on internet to be sure taht everybody is ok before complaining ;-)