Text (DX11.Geometry) - TTF files cant access font weight / type


im Rendering a Scene with Text (DX11.Geometry) and cant access all the font weights. I cant go into Screenspace with the Text because it needs to Scale correctly etc within the 3D Scene and has some post effects.

Cant Find a Solution with Text DX11 Layer &/ Advanced - or maybe cant wrap my head around it. - Cant get the Text sharp enough for cases were the Camera flies by Text very closely…


Is my only option to convert the Font to OTF? Would this work?
Are there other options for Text in a 3D Scene i am missing?

Had to fix this quick so ive converted the ttf Files in Fontforge ( amazing software ).

If you run into the same problem, make sure you change the Font Family / Display name etc to something unique - do this for every weight.

You will need to change the fonts meta Data, simply renaming them wont work. In font forge this is under Elements -> font properties ( something like that )


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