Test suite

After downloading last new version of vvvv (for instance beta27.2) I looked casually to a module I did: Sphere Bundle.

It is broken, since effect nodes are red. Should I open manually my modules and contributions every time there is a new release?

It would be really timeconsuming and error proning. Can you consider to add a test suite that checks at least that there are no red nodes in help patches?

This red node issue with new releases happens pretty often.

Another frequent issue is that links disconnect with new releases.

I write this also to apologize to vvvv users since I don’t have so much time to mantain the few modules and plugins I did in the past, and a test report would help everyone want to contribute.


Ciao Fibo,
here everything works as expected, never had red nodes issue with addons.
Can this be related to crack.exe?

Hi had, similar problems yesterday with beta27.2
Just when i opened patch, subpatches with disabled evaluation were red and patch crashed straight after that. So had to open each red subpatch re-save and it started to work again. But every time i opened subpatch there was some set of random red plugins, witch became normal after second of wait.
And that happened randomly for V1 plugs inside.

ahh… c’mon now at aint working at all

shish… 27.1 works like charm

@fibo - do you know why they are red?
perhaps you’d hardcoded relative paths into the patch by mistake? (i.e. you’d drag-dropped them in rather than using nodelist)

Mmmh, no I used nodelist.

Sorry, I realized just now that my beta27.2 .zip archive misses the effects folder.

Anyway, I still think that have a test suite is a good idea.

@fibo - agreed
also i think help patches could sufficiently support this role i.e. :

  1. in order for functionality to be tested it must be in a help patch
  2. all help patches are automatically opened on each vvvv release to check for red nodes (not sure how best to do this but probably already available with a HDE plugin or SetPatch route)

I also think that a basic check on help patches is sufficient, but the tests should be written by devs + few volunteers that run tests before each release.

I would also add a meta test EveryNodeHasAnHelpPatch.V4T :)

oui, see:

and concerning “EveryNodeHasAnHelpPatch”…this info is already available in the nodelist.xml