Telnet help

Hello vvvvvoys.

Please help me if you can.

Now I working with telnet.
My goal is to get HTTP code from telnet
and write it to textfile using vvvv.

Is there any way in vvvv?

In cmd.exe, code is like below.

telnet 80
GET /tiki-index.php?page=screenshots HTTP/1.0

what saves you from using HTTP (Network Get) ?

Thank you for your quick reply Mr oschatz.

I working with many website encoded by several text encoding-type. ex UTF8 shift-jis EUC-JP…

My plan is to get HTMLcode and rewritten it and display as website using Renderer(HTML String).

I tried HTTP(Network Get) and I found HTTP(Network Get) node cant deal EUC-JP website.

Modern Webbrowser has auto compliant feature with several text encoding type.
So, Renderer(HTML URL)(IE) shows website that encoded by EUC-JP correctly.

But when I connect HTTP (Network Get) to Renderer(HTML String),
The characters get garbled.

Strangely, when I copied HTMLcode(EUC-JP) from Firefox and paste it to Renderer(HTML String), It Shows correctly.