nuget doesn't work properly in 2021.4.0 preview

Looks like problem in “async part” — toObservable node has no output in preview. Actualy even simple echo doesn’t work but isReceiving returns true
This example works perfect in 2021.3.2.

TG.vl (27.8 KB)

Also found some strange and unexpected behaviour related to thread sleep
When I use Task or AsyncLoop with thread sleep (in the same application) observable messages doesn’t work properly


yes, as i described in the other thread, ThreadSleep will block everything for a certain amount of time and nothing else will be executed in that time.

@tonfilm Thanks
But still there is an issue — telegram bot isn’t working in the Preview but working in 2021.3.2
Is it just my problem or version? I’ve tried to disable firewall and issue isn’t gone.

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