Tedious wiki links

  1. how to set a link to a part of the documentation? the documentation doesn’t cover it or i can’t find the example

  2. empty presets of link formating by pressing the buttons isn’t helping me…
    and the documentation confuses me, internal link don’t have a ‘:’ but a ‘|’…what is an internal link compared to lets say contribution ?

anyway…one idea, copy pasting the URL of the page in question and the wiki automatically detects the kind of link and does the wiki syntax on preview and save… can’t be too hard.

sory for being late on this.

i refined the info on links a bit in wikisyntax#links

still some additional clarification here:
ad 1)
links to pages of the documentation are internal wiki links which you set like:
page title
if you don’t want the page name to show up as the links title you can choose a different text to show up after the “|” (pipe). the pipe works for all links and is optional. you use it like:
My Page

ad 2:

but it should. you can write a pages name, select it and then press one of the link buttons to make it into an appropriate link.

| and : are two different things. see the explanation of the pipe above.

basically you can link to the different sections of the site like this:
all other documentation/wiki pages don’t need a special prefix:

i put that on the list.

oh…that’s the interesting part. and thanks for putting the automatic lazyness solver on the list.

hi u7angel,
we have added the automatic link conversion on save now. the website will detect if you have posted a forum/blog/documentation/contribution link and convert it when saving.

test test test

sorry, was only working for me as developer, should work for you now too


nodereference should also work nicely:

multiply (differential constantscale)

great :)
thank you master of vvvveb

oh, very nice! saves a lot of wiki syntax lookups on my side…

it bugs me that eg. when editing a node reference entry or the userpage, the preview is different from the saved result: ie. if i enter

https://discourse.vvvv.org/ patch]

it shows up okay in the preview; but then, when saved, the page becomes like so:

https://discourse.vvvv.org/ patch]

so, the code gets parsed into the internal link syntax (ok), but not quite as well as it could be.