TCP server to flash

Hi everybody,

We’ve been playing around with FLOSC and since we’re having some unstable results we decided we could also try making the connection ourself with the TCP server node.

We are able to get a connection going and sending messages from flash to VVVV, but not form VVVV to flash, does anyone have an idea why VVVV is not sending any data to flash?

If we use the TCP cliet node we also get the right data from the TCP server

We Fixed it! if you add a 0 translated to ASCII with spellvalue after the string you want to send, flash understands the data.

So everyone who doens’t want to use FLOSC you can do it yourself trough VVVV.

Will add file later

yeah I’d love to see your method for this. thanks

This file shows a little connection concept. With a little knowlegde you could read out the data in the XML out to variables in flash.

I would love to show the way we let VVVV make the flosc XMLsocket but the file needs a lot of context to make sense. Maybe at a later point I will add the complete workings of Flosc without Flosc ;-)

If there are any questions i’ll try to answer them

P.S. We needed to open TCP port 3000 in the windows firewall to make it work.

TCPtoflash.rar (12.2 kB)

Thanks! This seems to work great!