TCP (Network Client) Input pin + IOBox

I’m not sure if this is intended behaviour, but if you connect a IOBox String to the input pin of a TCP Client node it will no longer accept multiline inputs. It’s not that big a deal, as you can still create a iobox, put some multiline string in there and then connect it to the input pin. Although if you want to change the string often by hand while a patch is running, it’s quite annoying because you have to create new IOBoxes over and over.

hi abomb,

this is kind of by design…the TCP (Network Client) s string input has a subtype that propagates to the connected iobox which tells it that it rather is a string without multiple lines (which is of course an arbitrary decision by us).

in your specific case you may be able to work around the problem by connecting a FrameDelay (String) in between the iobox and the tcpclient. see? the framedelay propagates a multiline-subtype to the iobox.

ah, and while i have your attention can you please check the tuio-thread again?!