TCP data flick

hi, i’d like to send a trigger for LFO to play several videos on different PC.
And TCP functions between 2 laptops now.

but i don’t know how to connect anything on “Do send” in TCP network cliant. if i connected “1” by iobox for example, received data was always flicking between number and ø.

so Does anyone explain the best way to connect? thank you.

this is the nature of how this works. since the sender and receiver are decoupled, it is not guaranteed that the same frame you send something, it is also received on the receiving end. also TCP is even a bit more tricky.

i suggest you use UDP for something like this. have a look at “\girlpower\IO\Networking\0_Networking_Overview_1.v4p” to see how with an S+H you can avoid receving ø.

Danke. i will learn UDP to solve it!