Taskbar icon with version info

from time to time I switch between 3 different versions of vvvv and when I do that I usually have each of them tied to the task bar, then I can quickly access the most recently accessed patches.

it is however a bit difficult to keep track of which is which, so I would like to suggest that the taskbar icons had a little text, like beta33.7 x64 in it somehow so it was possible to distinguish between the different versions.

that would be really really really helpfull

rightclick->properties on the taskbar you can change the icon of any app. wouldn’t that help already?

yes, that’s what i do (sometimes).

why not integrate it (or at least ship such a icon)?

that’s how it looks here:

yes, it is possible, but it would be sooo much nicer if vvvv, came with such icons…
until that happens, @sebl, would you mind sharing the icons you already have.

Perhaps alpha versions could have another color/shade of grey than beta, that is pretty common with other software when the versions are in alpha/beta.

i don’t hav an automatic routine for the icons, so you can just download the images above.

i just used a simple pixelfont like this http://www.dafont.com/de/wendy.font

need to check if i can port something like that. Prolly gonna be dx11 only tho