Tags are so good?

just showing two screenshots, i’m not sure the current tagging system or main tag categories are just right.

on the old website, it was easier to dive into shader, plugins, hardware and patching subforums. why ? :

  • currently, shader tag is hidden, plugins too, hardware is supposed to be IO now ? patching is now "using vvvvv "? the old categories been a little more clear compared to the main tags right now.

  • and doubleclicking compared to single clicking a subforum is one click more to see a category, in terms of usability you hardly do doubleclicks on websites

  • not sure, but on the old forums i could see new threads in the overview,without going into the subforum ! this is also gone since we just look at a big pile of threads.

sidenote: show more tags is just plain silly, who is actually using this system ?

just collecting oppionions here, if everybody is happy with the forum i’m fine with it, no offense

edit: while looking at the screenshots again, i think the old forum was more noob friendly too with category descriptions.

i prefer the soft&fuzzy structure of the new vvvvorum. its so much more 2.0
…maybe ‘plugins’ could make a good main category thow

hey u7angel,

The main category tags are probably always up for discussion. If there is a strong opinion about this in the community, I’m sure that you’ll be able to convince @joreg to ask me to add a new one.

Note that each selection also comes with a change in your adress bar. If you really want to access subforums fast, you can add them as a bookmark to your browser for fast access. Otherwise I personally think the tags work quite well this way. Also selecting a different forum on the old page meant hitting the back button first and then selecting a new forum, which takes way more time than just double clicking a tag.

We could of course think about a “only show new threads” or a “only show unread threads” button. Right now I’m not sure if this is easy to implement.

ah, one thing to be mentioned here:

i think the shouts should get a seperate tag. they always clutter my activities stream, and i don’t want to miss blogposts or other things in the blog-category

sub forum can sell advertising … you guys already do for free advertising for businesses indirectly billionaires like video cards, leap, processors, projectors … a site that has over 300,000 visits a year …

because the website doesnt allow quick access to categories ? bit of a hack ;)

the tagging system only works as long as it is used by the users. looking at the numbers it seems to me, this is not really working.
tag:shaders - 2 times
tag:transparency - 3 times

the main tags shown above the threads could definetely be revised,

resolved/unresolved ? who needs this ?
statement/feature/bug etc. same…

show more tags ?.. useful ?

and what is the grey box next to reset tags doing ?

…again, i’m just asking questions not to make your live harder, dave. just wondering if there is potential to make the forum easier to use and more accessable for noobs.

I am with u7 on this one, though I cannot really add any arguments to the conversation. It is just that all the other forums I visit still work like the old website did, and that speeds things up for me looking for answers.
A long list with posts that can be about anything is just messy for me.

The whole tag thing, the idea is awesome, but for some reason it is not working so well. (so I end up not really using it)

The resolved tag is nice I think, but when another person than the actual original person that asked the question, did the tagging, any follow ups or unclear answers are missed, cozz other people think it is answered and close. (weird sentence, hope you get the point).

All questions and answers are already on the forum for years …

@sebl: Yes I know, it’s sort of a technical issue why we can’t do that. We could completely remove the shouts from the activities. But that’s for joreg to decide.

@daniel: I’m not sure what you mean by that, could you explain what your point is?

@u7angel: I still believe the subforum tags are faster than actual subforums, so no, I don’t think adding bookmarks is a hack, it’s rather an alternative that you could’ve used on the old forum too :).

As I mentioned, the topics are probably up for discussion anytime if you think a category is missing.

Resolved/Unresolved is mainly used by plugin and core developers and for the guys like joreg that browse the whole list and try to answer open questions. The forums are also used as an issue tracker for things that the community finds.

The gray box next to reset tags indicates how long it will take until the page is reloaded. If you’re fast enough, you can select / deselect several tags before there is a reload.

I think I agree that the user created tags don’t work so well, but I don’t see any harm in leaving them in, because you can easily ignore them if you don’t want to use them.

You’re of course free to “unresolve” a topic that you think has not been answered properly yet.

because sometimes people are ashamed to do something stupid question all the time …

I know people in the United States who is afraid of the site vvvv.org imagines software vvvv … only that the software is easier to learn to deal with the site for a normal person

I particularly get my proposed with the software vvvv … most think the site could be easier.

i have some vorschlag to make:)

what about two changes:
**first:**status quo is, i visit forums and all main tags are on, makes sense. but now i want to filter and just want to see only one topic like “using vvvv”. why not simply let the user click this filter once to solo it hence allowing him to dive into this topic. and use doubleclick for turning just one filter off. so basically the other way round. i guess ppl do solo more often compared to turning one filter off and this should be easier.

second change is main filters, i still find "statement question feature bug
open resolved " too much and probably only useful for joreg ? :)

“using vvvv” is pretty vague… patching questions was clearer
“graphics” i dont know what this is supposed to mean, again vague
“io” is nerdy, hardware was clearer

i miss “shader” and “plugins”

“devvvs” is trying to cover too much, addons, shader,plugins ,bugs,whishlist … i think this should just be the place for wishlist and bugs

and now i’m quiet, maybe some things make sense to you

yes, more standard categories might sort the topics better

hehe ok, we’ll take your Vorschlag in to consideration. joreg what do you say?