Tag data from a .jpg

i am reading a folder of .jpg photos and showing them sequentialy or randomly on the screen.

how can i retrieve the tag data from within the .jpg file.

eg. i get the title, the model and the photographers’ name from the tags and display them over the image.


this is probably a good case for a simple dynamic plugin. with a googlesearch like this it could be quite straightforward to realize your goal.

thanks. that is stretching my abilities somewhat, but i think i will go and bug a friend of mine who has the abilities.

… and we are 2 … https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/7850

I ll have some time to dig into this in 2 weeks, but if you can get at it somehow please post here…

ah, EXIF, that’s the word i was looking for… i will go and lean on my friend…

as a starting point…

more info on msdn

maybe it’s better to just integrate this one

ImageFileProperties.zip (5.1 kB)