Tactile flat screen

hhhhi !

I’m just starting this new thread in order to have some starting blocks, feedback, links, all kind of ressources that could help me to achieve a project i’ve in mind.

My goal is to obtain a good quality in term of esthetic. I also want to measure how hard the project could be to achieve and to a price idea.

I’ll have a new flat in a few month and i want to build a slim screen that would be user reactive (like the amazing vvvv bar project i’ve saw) and that will integrate well in the flat (i mean no wires all around and all that geek stuff :D)

I’d love to communicate between the screen and a pc via rj 45 in order to change the patch the screen would run and even more it’d be nice (but really harder) that the screen could run on his own.

Sorry if it’s a little bit messy, i’m at work right now and that’s just an idea right now, i don’t have all skills and informations that i need for the moment.

Sounds fun to do, so you want to create an piece off interactive ‘art’ using vvvv?

How Slim (thin) is slim I wonder? If you dig into the theory behind those do it yourself (multi) touchscreens, you will see it requires some space to get a camera at the proper distance, and you need a projector to show content with. See the multitouch forum

The thing I am going to do in a friends house, to control his light and heater, is based on a small ‘out off the box’ touchscreen, idea is a bit simulair like the cocoons in the cocoonclub.

Other idea is using a self build interface, like you can do with Arduino, or a wrecked MIDI0-device or some old joysticks… etc…
Than content can be shown on big plasma.

Making something running automatic is do-able, just requires some extra patching, and thinking about a set of timing rules.