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hi all,

i know, this topic has been discussed several times, but i’m still not sure which type of processor would work best for tracking an rendering on the same machine (windows 7).
many intel i7 support hyper-threading. can v4 take any advantage of 4 cores (with focus on tracking purposes)?

thx in advance for any hints,



What is exactly your tracking project ?
Unique source to track or multi one ?

one source via firewire cam (pt grey firefly) >> contour tracking + rendering in v4

If you monitor your CPU ressources, Freeframe used each core.
An i7 is quite enough. I would depend then on your graphics.
Even a QuadCore 45nm could be nice but depending on the graphics then .

For this project :

I use an i7, 2 GPU, 4 outputs, 2 Full screen graphics renderer ( One Main and one Monitor), 1 V4 monitoring and 1 for a Touch screen with a 3rd rendering containing GUI ofr the drawer.

V4 can draw around 10000 pillows depending on the drawing.

Skype perhaps ??

@DigitalSlaves: thanks for the quick reply - nice project btw…
i think i simply take such an i7 and maybe it also makes sense to play around with assigning 2 v4-instances (1 for tracking, another for graphics) to specific processors…
did anybody who already tried this experience any performance increase?

you are happy guys)) i do something like (not so beauty as DigitalSlaves of course) but with core2duo and gt9600

and some days ago i saw 50000 random lines per frame at 60 fps on that core2duo
so it’s not only iHeads)

“If you monitor your CPU ressources, Freeframe used each core.”

are you sure freeframe plugins run on all cores simultaniously. i just did a test on a core i7 (hyperthreading activated) with contour and the plugin runs just on one core. fortunatelly not on the same v4 chooses to run on.

is this a misunderstanding or am i missing something?

Hum I tested on a C2Duo, and the 2 cores were charged.

Then on a i7 it uses 2 cores mainly and 3/4 with low charge.

“If you monitor your CPU ressources, Freeframe used each core.”
–> should be " Few cores"

Pict with Contour :

Pict without Contour but V4 running