Synchronizer does not add all properties

hi all,

I know, still experimental…

I tried syncing a folder of media assets while getting texture dimensions and noticed some strange behavior. Setting the paths and setting the resolution of the texture when reading PNG always works. When reading JPGs the dimensions are just read when opening the patch and on F8F5. When adding jpgs during runtime value (0/0) is et. My random int value is never set.

FileTexture is non-blocking, so it seems that sometimes the texture isn’t loaded. if you want to block the texture loading, use the TextureLoader.

or load all textures beforehand into memory, then the FileTexture will use the already loaded one, which will be instant.

also note that FileTexture caches the loaded textures in the asset data base and loads much faster the next time a specific texture is used. if loading time is an issue in general.

Thx, that works! The blocking texture node is called “TextureReader”. Still wondering why the int32 is not set.

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