Synchronize quad coordinates to a movie?


I would like to synchronise x and y quad coordinates to a movie. I was thinking to use the timeline, my first test work well but there is no way to record values and it’s essential for my project.
I tryed to use KeyFramer4 from Catweasel which seems to fits my needs, but I can’t make it works… I dont know why because all seems to be ok…

Does anyone (Catweasel maybe :) ) make the KeyFamer works ?
Or do you have any other idea to synchronise quad coordinates to a movie ?

Thanks by adavnce for your help


Takes a long time to find my problem but I made the Catweasel keyframer works.
The problem was the XPath(XML) node. You need to install MSXML to make it works.
And you also need to put the input pin “Resolve Externals” to 1 (Dont ask me why !)…

You can also find attached the working version of Catweasel Keyframer.

Good night ! (180.6 kB)