Synchronise clip to movement

hi, i have just started messing around with vvvv, so i’m afraid i will need a simple answer to my question…
i need to track a movement and synchronise it with a clip. in other words movement and clip should begin and end together.
the movement is some kind of hands choreography, so i will know in advance where it should occur.
i am playing around with contour and trautner to track the movement but i think i should chose one of them at the end.
but how can i synchronise the speed of the movement and the speed of the clip?
intuitively, i would say i need to map speed between keyframes but if this is the right answer, then i don’t know how to put keyframes on the contour node (with trautner i can use a mask, right?) and how to calculate speed on it.
thanks in advance

Hello ubidule , if you need the movement probably contour will be better , in he case you just need to activate a song on off trautner will be better , see example for changing postion of the video with contour , hope it,s that what you mean

synchronise clip.v4p (6.5 kB)

Hi colorsound, thanks for the fast reply and the patch, that gave me plenty ideas.
actually i need to calculate the speed of the movement and adjust the speed of the clip. does this make any sens??
i should be able to do that by defining x,y positions out of contour and map them to defined positions of the filestream… i think… but i can’t figure out how to manage this …
thanx again

well i think if contour gets the right movement ( good lighing etc)
the speed of the move it is the speed of the X in contour , or you mean the video is always playing and by movement it gets quicker , you have a pin in filestream called speed , that can be helpfull too

also make sure when you export your clip to set 1 keyframe every frame , the clip i just tested was compressed in Indeo 5.2 and works well changing the speed too

after lots of tests i must admit i went back to your solution using seek position :) i am defining an x,y position from Countour and when the movement goes by the clip moves to a certain seek position. for the moment, i can only use seek once and the seeking is not so smooth, but i am still working on it. thanks again for the help.

hope it goes well , to smooth from the contour output you can use damper or linearilter and use a monoflop with the same time after the change node , also might be helpful Hysteresis , you can see the help patch in users help patches on the bottom of the page

great! almost there! thanks again