Sync two fileStream in same computer

Hi guys.
I found that, If I use one fileStream(Dshow9), and assing this node to two render(EX9) work in two Screen with extended mode. Only one screen play the video. But If I use one fileStream(Dshow9) in each render the video play in two screens.

I try to syncronitze to fileStream in the same patch but I can’t.

I made the simple patch using the clasic video demo in w7 “Naturaleza.wmv”

Somebody can help me please?


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test syncro.v4p (8.2 kB)

it seems that your original problem is not to sync two files, but to render the same video on two outputs. in that case you can simply start vvvv with /dx9ex as commandline parameter and it will work…

Hi tonfilm.
I start vvvv /dx9ex /o “patch.v4p”
I see that I can use one videostream with two renders in two differents screen. But I need move the renders in one screen, and then move one render in the second screen. If I only start the vvvv don’t function.

I read in line comander that command /dda X used if you have problems with the screen with fullscreen mode. But I don’t understand