Symbol finder not working in 2022.5.0

I am getting this error when using the symbol finder (Ctrl-Shift-F)

Tried it on 2022.5.0-570

More info: Possibly the finder is working properly, I get this error when I click on the blank first result

More more info:
I think the symbol finder is also not giving complete results.
If I search for damper as per the example in the graybook it does not show me the damper in the corelib
Finders | vvvv gamma documentation

That’s true. In the 2022.5 and its precompilation, some nodes aren’t found in the source code of a package, since the source code doesn’t get loaded.
There are ideas on how to improve and get back the old behavior, where enabling browsable packages indeed finds the node, even if the VL-document isn’t loaded yet.

Hmm, I guess really what I want is more like an instance finder…

I don’t want to know where int2 (join) is in the source package.

But if I used int2 (join) somewhere in my application I want to be able to quickly go to all instances of Int2 (join). Eg for a usecase to replace them with vector2 (join).

Absolutely, finding all applications is one of the most important features of any modern IDE. As soon as a patch gets halfway complex, this feature becomes invaluable.

At the moment I am using AstroGrep to search in *.vl files. You have to read a bit of XML to find out in what patch it is, but it is better than nothing.

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For reference:


This is implemented now for upcoming previews.