Switching patches with fade in and out

Im updating an old switch node patch to allow for the fading in and out of newly loaded patches. Ive found that even with light patches (with no external assets to be loaded like video) there is always a slight delay (screen freeze) so i thought id get around this by creating a really simple switcher patch that will eventually use a keyboard shortcut to

  1. Fade out current patch to blank screen. alpha = 0;
  2. Load new patch into blank screen
  3. Fade in new patch to alpha = 1

Ive nearly got it working using monoflop, but i cant work out to get the last part working ie the final fadeback in. Is there something like a 3 step monoflop? I could, i guess, use a 2nd monoflop connected to the first - but i still dont know how to feed the value back into my alpha switch. Of course maybe in doing this the wrong way??

see attached patch.

any help, pointers or solutions welcome :)

Another question i have is - why this patch stops working when i move to another location in my file system, it only works on my desktop, it must be a path issue, but i cant find where to re-assign the path to make it work

switchFade.zip (18.4 kB)

you could try this…as a possible work around among many others…Hope it helps ;)
…and about path issue you should try to write self in the create node’s parent patch inlet.

switchFade.zip (4.8 kB)



unfortunately when i unzip, it seems to be broken. This is often a problem for me… the swaping of the patch works fine but the node has no output pin to connect to the renderer. What the deal here?

any help greatly appreciated :)

Strange it works for me.
second try… the first patch is wrong, try the other one…

switchFade.zip (4.6 kB)

thanks for the swift reply!

unfortunately the second does not work either. Same problem the output pin on the test01 patch doesnt show up so breaks the connection to the renderer.

I do seem to get this issue a lot, somekind of path issue?


again anything you know i could try?