Switching between two patches with the same renderer?

I have two similar patches that both utilise DMX lighting, sound and video projection that are all being triggered within vvvv. I want to periodically switch between the two patches seamlessly… and have the video output from the same renderer.

Is this possible?

hmm. The various Switch nodes are obviously a good start for switching all kind of things.
Blending is another issue, and video has its problems. what do you want to archieve exactly?

sorry i didnt explain it very well.

Basically it is the same patch but different values in each one. I am using vvvv to generate video that I am beaming onto a DMX controlled mirror.

I have attached the two patches.

patch1 forum.v4p (47.6 kB)

2nd patch… no text …

patch2 forum.v4p (47.3 kB)

What a confusing looking patch. And real taxing on the CPU for such a simple outup.

I think you gotta adress one probelm at a time, you have DMX, Sound and Video all in one patch, and you wan’t to blend from one patch to another without a hitch. Thats great. But you are talking about 3 diferent types of input, maybe it would be easier to adress each one individually and then put it all together.

for video texture mixing for example:


Don’t know if it helps.