Switching between animations

Hi guys,

I have a number of 3d animations (idle, transition in, dance, transition out) and I want to switch between them.

For now since I am still testing, I wouldnt mind switching by using something simple, like a toggle key…

Any idea how anyone?

please find attached my patch.


zombieDance2.v4p (32.6 kB)

you can use:

switch ( edit it with inspektor to have more than 2 inputs)
and counter(value) and bang it as + or minus position

another way is to use a slider ( io box clasical in slider mode), mapped from 0 to the number of swithc entries you have, connected to the swith input

also have a look at timeliner)-and-the-automata-features-of-((TimelinerSA).

I’m a big fan of Inputmorph

inputmorph (value)